About Us

Stories of Hawaii is a Self-Guided Driving Tour experience produced by Digital Tours-Hawaii, LLC. Our company is committed to crafting and providing a uniquely engaging driving tour experience. Our tours are available on 4 islands and in multiple languages for driving visitors to enjoy. As we continue to improve our products and provide customer care, all comments and questions are welcome!

Digital Tours-Hawaii was founded by Andrew Fowers in 2007. After receiving its seed capital from Brigham Young University-Hawaii, we went on to develop a unique technology and tour experience. We have been partners with national car rental companies to complement their GPS rentals since 2009.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to produce the best self-guided tour that truly represents the Stories of Hawaii. We love Hawaii for all that it has - culture, history, nature and people, as well as its adaptation to the modern world. We strive to provide visitors information that is helpful, authentic and relevant that helps them to have a great time.

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