Garmin is the most widely used GPS navigation device brand. It is also the brand that our car rental partners use and on all of which the Tour is installed. We have been developing on Garmin platform since 2008 and has been improving the Tour experience continually. Currently our Tours are available in all 4 major Hawaiian islands and in 3 languages.

Features of the Stories of Hawaii Tour for Garmin:

  • Tour plays automatically as visitors drive. (No need to press on any button)
  • Supports multiple languages. (Text & Voice)
  • Popular Places list for quick & easy reference and information
  • Customers can stop anytime and the Tour will auto resume once they start driving again
  • Favored and promoted by major Asian travel agencies and customers


Stories of Hawaii 2013 iPhone, Android Update

Apps' Dual Purposes

Pre-Arrival Tool

  • Trip planning
  • Explore attractions & destinations
  • Browse Available Options
  • Booking & Scheduling

Post-arrival Tour

  • Driving Tour
  • Information Console. Directions
  • Itineraries & Routes
  • Latest Traffic Updates

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For 6 months, get featured in the Stories of Hawaii iPhone and Android app as a destination on our itineraries with your story and highlight at no cost. Cancel anytime without obligation. This is 6 months of free marketing in 3 languages to as many as 50,000 app users.

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