Market Niche

Tens of thousand of customers have taken our Driving Tours in the last 3 years. And we are always working on ways to make our Tours better by continually fine-tuning based on customer feedback.

As the name explains, Stories of Hawaii - Self-guided Driving Tour is a driving tour for the “self-guided” visitors who “rent cars” as their mode of transportation. On this page you will find information to our targeted, niche customer market.

Focus 1. Self-Guided

Amongst the many “sightseeing” options such as Boat, Private Van Tour, Helicopter, and Tour Bus, “Self-Guided” continues to be a preferred option for a large majority visitors. Without a tour-guide to take them around the island customers tend to rely upon Travel Books to educate and direct them around the island.

The Stories of Hawaii- Self-guided Driving Tour is the best option! A combination of information available in travel books and the fun and engaging experience of a bus tour, plus all the freedom, Driving Tours is an unique option for all driving customers in Hawaii.

Oahu - "Self-Guided"

US West US East Japan Canada


74.60% 71.50% 57.30% 72.80%


72.40% 69.70% 58.20% 73.00%

Percentage of visitors who self-described as "self-guided"

See Hawaii State Government Official Statistics2010 and 2011 Visitor Satisfaction and Activity Report

Focus 2. Car Renters

In order for customers to get to your location, many of them rent cars. Of the 4.4 million visitors coming to Oahu every year, customers who rent cars on Oahu continues to be the preferred transportation option.

Oahu - Car Rentals

US West US East Japan Canada


62% 54.50% 15.20% 47.80%


60.80% 52.60% 16.60% 47.80%

Percentage of visitors who rented cars while visiting Oahu"

See Hawaii State Government Official Statistics2010 and 2011 Visitor Satisfaction and Activity Report

Focus 3. Japanese & Korean Driving Customers

Traveling in Hawaii, most Asian customers rely on the GPS for navigation, making them our strongest customer base . In addition, our car rental partners have included our Tour in the standard package for Asian customers who book through Travel Agencies, making the Tour a standard offering. Learn how our Sponsors can take advantage of this unique Asian Driving Customer segment by visiting our sponsorship page .


As our distribution has expanded over the years, driving visitors now have more access to the Tour. The Drive Book is given by our partners to every Japanese & Korean customer. In addition, the Driving Tour is installed on all GPS devices; thus, playing the Tour every time to every customer who rents a GPS.

Customer Statistics

Through our car rental partners, the Stories of Hawaii self-guided driving tour is on track to reach at least 100,000 unique customers in 2013. This means if a party of 2 visitors rents a GPS for 3 days it is counted as only one unique customers. This data is validated by data directly provided by each of our car rental partners.

3 years of our historical data shows that on average customers rent a GPS for 2.94 days, allowing your sponsorship to receive multiple impressions via the Driving Tour, Drive Book, and Apps.

    What is a Unique Customer?

    Differing from most other marketing media, instead of impression, our data as provided directly by our car rental partners is based on each unique of customer.

    What this means to you as a sponsor is that our distribution is based on real and solid number of customers who rent a GPS to make use of it.

Customer Demography

GPS is considered a “must-have” for many Asian visitors in Hawaii. Whereas, domestic customers have their smartphones, international customers rely heavily upon their rented GPS because roaming data can be excessively expensive. In fact, many Korean and Japanese travel agency packages have a GPS device as a standard issue when booked prior to arrival.

As a result, majority of GPS renters are from Japan and Korea - with over 50% from Japan, 20% from Korea and 30% from English-speaking customers from the mainland, Canada and Australia.

In addition, when comparing the Daily Visitor Expenditures, Asian visitors tend to spend at least $100 more per day than domestic visitors (US West and East).

  • $289 - Japan
  • $238 - Korea
  • $159 - Domestic (US East and West)

Daily visitor expenditures comparison

2011 Annual Visitor Report Spreadsheet

    With over 70% of customers from Asia

    your sponsorship participation can effectively engage this asian visitor segment to bring results to your business.