The Stories

“Like a Tour Guide in the Car”

The islands are living museums, with stories from the past and present to be told at every turn.

To bring Hawaii’s beauty to life, our Stories are woven together with threads of:

  • History
  • Culture
  • Legends
  • Local information (recommendations on activities and places to visit)
  • Plus music, fun jokes, inspirational thoughts and entertainment.

GPS Technology

“The Right Story at the Right Place and Time”

With GPS technology, the Stories are told at the place and time that is relevant to customers’ locations. For example, as customers drive through the Pali Hwy, they will hear the story of the Nu’uanu Battle and Pali Lookout, bringing to life Hawaii’s land and stories. Or when customers approach Haleiwa town,the Tour will not only tell them the story and history of Haleiwa but recommend activities and local restaurants.

When the Tour is on, all the stories play automatically, meaning that customers don’t have to push play to hear the Tour. As a result, the stories create a naturally engaging experience for customers that’s akin to a bus tour, just without the bus!

    GPS-enabled Driving Tours

  • Plays automatically
  • Plays based on location

Multiple languages

“Reaching the Majority of Hawaii's Visitors”

The Driving Tours and Drive Book are available in 3 languages - English, Japanese and Korean, to reach the majority of Hawaii’s visitors.

We have received great feedback not only from English-speaking customers but from our Asian customers as well. There really is no Tour in Hawaii that is designed specifically for self-guided customers.