Critical Distribution

The Stories of Hawaii - Self-guided Driving Tour is distributed through 8 major car rental companies. The Tour is installed on ALL GPS units in Oahu and is distributed at the following locations:

  • All 7 airport rental locations
  • Discovery Bay (Alamo, Enterprise, National)
  • Princess Ka'iulani Hotel (Alamo & Enterprise)
  • Dollar Waikiki Rental Location
  • Pacific Beach Hotel
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • Hale Koa Hotel
  • Sheraton Waikiki Hotel
  • DFS Galleria (Nippon Rent-A-Car)
  • Disney Aulani Hotel - Ko'Olina
  • And more to come

Through our partners, the Tour is distributed to an estimated fo 100,000 customers annually. Of these, 50% are Japanese Customers, 20% Korean and 30% English. Click here to learn more about our customers.

Every time a customer rents a GPS, the Tour will play

Since the Tour comes installed on ALL GPS devices at our partners’, every time a customer rents a GPS -whether in English, Japanese or Korean , the Tour is there, ready to be enjoyed. At the car rental counter, agents hand out the Drive Book, in addition to the rented GPS unit.

The combination of Driving Tour and Drive Book is offers the complete self-guided experience for all driving customers. The Drive Book is designed to help customers know where to go, directions, what to expect at each destination - all specific to Driving!

Click here to learn more about how customers use the Tour.